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A recorded workshop from December 2023 with Alessio Rizzo.

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IFS for ADHD - Extended Workshop - April 5th 2024 

An extended and enriched version of our December 2023 workshop for IFS professionals to understand ADHD, neurodiversities and neuroqueering!

This online workshop has been created by Ellie Carn and Alessio Rizzo to help IFS-trained professionals learn about ADHD, how IFS sees ADHD as a form neurodiversity, its challenges in the consulting room and how to be prepared for them.

In addition, we will be covering more extensively the notion of neuroqueering as many neurodiverse people also identify as queers, including the two presenters, who will add their own lived experience to the developing neuroqueering theories.


What you will learn

By the end of the workshop you should be able to

  1. Better understand ADHD and Neurodiversity within the IFS framework

  2. How ADHD manifests in therapy and its challenges

  3. How to be with ADHD in the therapy room as an IFS therapist

  4. Support available and resources to consult on ADHD

  5. Connect with other therapists working with IFS and ND/ADHD

  6. Learn and use concepts from neuroqueering theories to inform your practice.

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